Paladin Internet Service Plans

All NEW Paladin 5G plans - for residential or business use

 LTE 5G 100LTE 5G 200
Upload Speeds Up to 20Mbps Up to 20Mbps
Download Speeds 25Mbps to 100Mbps 50Mbps to 200Mbps
Price $110.00 per month $150.00 per month

These new Paladin plans come with an all new super powerful indoor unit which also works as your WiFi router. Simply unbox the unit, plug it in, and start using the internet right away!  These plans may require a site survey in where we send a technician to your location to test signal strength.  

$250 setup and a $10 per month equipment rental.

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Legacy Residential Subscriber Plans

Upload Speeds** Up to 10Mbps Up to 10Mbps Up to 10Mbps Up to 10Mbps Up to 20Mbps Up to 20Mbps
Download Speeds*** 7Mbps down 10Mbps down 15Mbps down 25Mbps down 50Mbps down 100Mbps down
Price $39.99 per month $49.99 per month $69.99 per month $89.99 per month $109.99 per month $129.99 per month

No Contracts! No Data caps! No Throttling!
* Contracts - Paladin offers customers the ability to choose either paying $269.99 for the installation or enter a contract of 24 months with only $99 due at installation.
** Upload Speeds need to be at a 1Mbps for installation unless a waiver is signed. LTE upload speeds are up to 2Mbps.
*** Download Speeds are up to the speeds noted.
Not all plans are available in all areas. At the time of your site survey the technician will be able to determine what plans are available at your address.

No Credit Checks!!

WIFI Plan - $10 per month

What's Included:
  • Dual-core, Dual Band High speed Gigabit wireless router
  • Technical support into the home network
  • Equipment Protection and Replacement

Need more speed?  Let us know and we can custom build a plan for you!

Have a business?  Need internet service?  Give us a call 706-948-3136 or contact us!

bigstock-Mature-couple-using-digital-ta-87393362.pngPaladin Wireless offers various competitively priced plans designed to meet your specific needs when it comes to using the Internet, from browsing the World Wide Web and doing basic emailing to gaming and streaming high-definition videos. Choosing the right high-speed Internet service plan depends on factors such as:

  • What activities you like to do on the Internet
  • Your lifestyle
  • The number of devices and computers that are connected to the Internet

bigstock-Portrait-Of-Beautiful-Young-An-79771801.pngA plan with a lower speed is perfect for uses such as watching YouTube, doing a Google search, or using Mapquest to find directions quickly. You can also use a lower speed to download pictures or send quick emails. A plan with more speed is ideal for gamers as well as for locations where multiple people are trying to surf the Web, pay bills online, or shop on the Internet all at the same time. The fastest plans available today allow you to run many media streams, stream high-definition television shows, or download full-length movies with no lag time.

bigstock-Digital-Communication-Connecti-79942625.pngFailure to have the right plan can literally bring your home or business to a stand-still if you’re trying to do too much online with too little bandwidth. You can rest assured that the monthly plan you choose from Paladin Wireless will not only cover all of your needs online but also will be highly reliable. This means you can go about your day without worrying about losing your Internet connection at the most inopportune time—for example, when you’re facing a tight project deadline or you’re in the middle of downloading your favorite music or pictures.

We have several plans for residential and business class customers to choose from. If your needs require something different please set up a free consultation with one of our engineers!